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Hi, I'm Cory...

Above are my top 5 strengths and what I utilize day in and day out to deliver outstanding results for my clients my own personal goals. I'm a seasoned leader with the spirit of an entrepreneur and strongly believe in providing only the best for the people I work with. I spend my days honing and perfecting my skills of programming and am always looking for new and exciting ways to resolve every day issues.

My prior experience involves many different areas, all of which I use to view issues from multiple viewpoints and bring unique solutions to the table. I'm a Chemical Engineer from Kettering University. I'm an experienced Quality Systems Manager with a demonstrated history of solving issues in the plastics industry. I know several different problem solving and change management methodologies, which I use towards solving issues through programming in a quick and non-invasive way to a company's culture. I am well versed in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Bootstrap, Express, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and SAP. I have strong leadership abilities, great written and verbal communication skills, and an excellent work ethic with a strong capacity for learning.

My favorite place to be is with a diverse group of individuals solving some of the biggest issues of today and our future, improving other's quality of life in the process

What I Love:

  • A great book on a rainy day
  • Being outdoors, traveling, and exploring life
  • My friends and family
  • Continually challenging myself and learning new things
  • Developing and deploying a simplistic program to help others in their life or work
  • Cooking, trying new cuisines, and improving upon my recipes
  • Photography and capturing the beauty of everyday life
  • Movies and the creative insight of others
  • The process of making a great cup of coffee and the science behind it

Weaknesses (Otherwise known as my strengths that need work):

  • Sensing the emotions of others around me and sharing those feelings as if they are my own
  • Identifying when a solution is good enough, instead of seeking perfection
  • Knowing everything there is to know about Computer Science and the numerous languages currently in use
  • Living in the moment instead of always looking towards the future

I've attached my one-page resume below if you would like to know more about my life experiences, skills, education, and more.

My Resume

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and my journey. If not, the least I can do is provide some beautiful images of nature for your time. Thank you.